15 NBA Playoff Personalities That Perfectly Describe Your Friends


Ah, the NBA Playoffs, there's nothing like it.

The league gets condensed to 16 teams, thus becoming easier to follow, and every game has a do or die feel. It's always poppin'.

Not only does the postseason feature the best teams, but it has some of the best personalities in the game, too.

Many of those personalities are both charismatic and relatable. So much so, you could compare many of the playoffs' biggest names to your own friends.

You may think you have nothing in common with these basketball millionaires, but read this, and you're sure to find a player whose personality perfectly matches your friend's.

Here are the 15 NBA Playoff stars everyone has in his or her crew:

Chris Paul -- The Cry Baby

Some one please give Chris Paul a hug. — JRSportBrief (@JRSportBrief) April 23, 2015

This guy can dish it, but he can't take it. Oh, he'll throw out the jokes, but God forbid he's on the end of one...

And he takes disappoints way too seriously. That's probably because he's used to getting his way, and that explains his childish reactions when he doesn't.

Jonas Valančiūnas -- Bad Luck Brian

The saying "when it rains, it pours" was made for this guy. Bad things don't just happen to him; they happen to him in numbers. And when they do, you can't help but laugh -- no matter how much that makes you a bad friend.

Everyone has that one guy who has all the bad luck. And it will never not be funny.

Steph Curry -- The Unrealistically Good Guy


You think it's an act at first. He's not profane, he's clean cut, never takes a stab at anyone and sticks to just *gasp* one girlfriend. What gives?

Sooner or later, you start to realize it's actually genuine and might even start to admire him for it -- even though you'd never have the willpower to do what he does.

Paul Pierce -- The Old Head


This guy never misses an opportunity to tell you how things were "back in his day." He has all the answers, and he speaks with so much conviction, even you become convinced... sometimes.

Then you see how he dresses, and you realize the way he thinks is not with the times.

Anthony Davis -- The Elephant


Everything with this friend is good, except that one glaring feature. For Davis, it's his unibrow. For a number of my friends (who I hope aren't reading this) it's their ridiculous long fingernails, hairy arms or creepy mustache.

Everyone has that one friend with the easily removable yet somehow ever-present feature that feels like the elephant in the room.

Dwight Howard -- The Giant Goof


No matter what he does, it will never look normal and will always be worthy of the same reply. Smiling too much? "You're too big for that." Wearing sandals? "You're too big for that." God forbid he gets the wrong haircut.

Sheesh, and he's only 29.

Tony Parker -- Euro Star


This guy is fully assimilated to the culture. His vocabulary is on point, and he knows which styles are hot and which are not.

But no matter how hard he tries, there are just some things he cannot hide -- like that subtle accent that makes every one of his heated rants sound hilarious or his burning desire to try to make you fall in love with soccer.

Dirk Nowitzki -- Mr. Next Time


Ah, Dirk, the unselfish superstar who cut his own salary to allow the Mavs to sign other stars.

We love this guy because any time the bill comes to the table, he's good for a wink-and-a-handshake agreement.

"Don't even worry about it, just get me next time." This is always good because A. next time could be cheaper or B. even better, next time may not even come.

Kawhi Leonard -- The Socially Awkard One

He's a great friend. A great communicator? Not so much.

Because of his propensity mumble, stoic expressions and his lack of a reaction to certain conversation cues, he can seem to be, at best, laid-back.

At worst? He's Eeyore from "Winnie-the-Pooh." God bless 'em.

Tim Duncan -- The Square

He's seldom excited, always low-key, never takes an opportunity to get flashy and doesn't care about impressing anyone, especially with the way he dresses, which, come on, is a little weird.

Tim Duncan is dressed like it's his first day at junior high. — SportsNation (@SportsNation) June 13, 2014

He's cool, don't get me wrong, but the fact that he never strays too far from his default temperament will never not be awkward.

LeBron James -- #RiseAndGrind Guy


The excessive clichés, the ambiguous and oversimplified solutions to every problem -- "work hard and everything will fall into place!" -- the huge appetite to inspire... We all have Mr. #RiseAndGrind among us. And you know what, he's definitely necessary when you reach rock bottom. Every other time, though? Eh.

Good morning world. Rise and grind time before this beautiful day of college football games start. Great games all day.Get em TP and go OSU! — LeBron James (@KingJames) September 11, 2010

Draymond Green -- The Instigator


Usually the most provocative one in your crew, this guy is essential to all operations. Need a wingman to initiation conversation with the girls across the room?

The instigator's got you. Need someone get you hyped with some trash talk during your next pickup game?

The instigator is there for you. Never shy of a comeback and never shy period, the instigator is the guy who makes your team stronger. 

Rajon Rondo -- The Sabotager

This dude is the type of guy who will sabotage any plan that wasn't his.

If you and your friends ever decide to go away for a weekend after he suggested a different destination, just take this warning: He will let it be known he's not happy with the trip, usually by doing stupid things and acting innocent when anyone takes him to task for it. See Exhibit A above.

Kendrick Perkins -- The Enforcer

PERK THE ENFORCER: — SB Nation (@SBNation) April 26, 2015

This guy isn't the "big for nothing" type. He's big for something and not much else. He's the type who looks mean and scary and isn't afraid to show people why.

If you never find any practical use for this friend, at least you know you'll have an asset for the next scrap you get into.

John Wall -- The Dancer

At the @adidasHoops store in Qingdao, @John_Wall teaches fans some of his favorite dance moves!" — GOOD Sports (@ROC_Sports) August 22, 2014

This guy finds a way to dance to everything, even when there's no music. Turn your back for one second, and you might just find him dancing to the sound of a jackhammer down the street.

He'll even find ways to dance to music that clearly needs no dancing to. He's just that good.