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NBA Player Still Has Roommates Because NYC Rent Is So F*cking Expensive

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is guaranteed a salary of $1.33 million this year by the Brooklyn Nets. His salary for the following season is guaranteed as well.

Hollis-Jefferson, compared to most New Yorkers, is very rich -- yet even he can't live alone in the city because the cost of living is so expensive.

The Nets rookie told The Wall Street Journal,

You can live in a nice, three-bedroom condo with all that in Dallas for like two thousand bucks. Three-bedroom, three-bathroom in New York, you're paying eight grand. It's ridiculous.

In fact, Hollis-Jefferson doesn't even live in New York. He lives with two roommates in the frugal man's region of choice, North Jersey.

But like many North Jersey residents, Rondae also said he already considered a move to Brooklyn so he can be closer to his job and avoid all the traffic that comes with commuting.

I feel you there, bro.

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