NBA Player Says He Was Denied Entry To Jewelry Store Because He's Black

John Henson took to Instagram today to detail a "degrading" story of racial prejudice he experienced at a jewelry store.

His account, sadly, lived up to that description.

Before he could enter a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-area Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers, Henson said employees locked the doors of the establishment and told him to go away.

Henson made it a point to explain his visit came during business hours. After he rang the doorbell twice, he said, the employees ran to the back of the store and called the police on him.

Two police cars arrived on the scene, watched the Milwaukee Bucks player for five minutes and then began to interrogate him, Henson said.

The player wrote in his post,

This was one of the the most degrading and racially [prejudicial] things I've ever experienced in life and [I] wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Here is Henson's post in full.

Henson is entering his fourth season in the NBA.