5 Reasons Minnesota And Kevin Garnett Are Perfect For Each Other

Kevin Garnett is like a first love for Minnesota. He's the guy we will always remember, the one who changed our lives and our team spirit.

He kept us intrigued for years, and as some breakups go, his was messy with Minnesota. It was so messy, we couldn't let go; we wanted to contact him again and find out why he did what he did.

We wanted to know why our state wasn't good enough for him and why he would go to New York.

But, just like any other ex, years later, he wants to come back.

There's a lot of perfectly good reasons for KG to pull a LeBron James and return to his first team, and there's a good chunk of reasons why we would accept him back.

Anyone who has been watching the Timberwolves play since he left would realize the team needs him, and in this case, we weren't too proud to beg.

1. No one forgets what makes them famous

Minnesota made Kevin who he is. He brought fame to the state, to the team and to his name. He's who made the team money; he's who himself a lot of respect. No one forgets who or what brings him or her fame.

I'm sure he was often asked why he didn't return. We all know why he left -- he wasn't winning anything. But, he was still the number one star for the team and will most likely always be.

2. Advertisement deals

Think of LeBron James: When he returned home, the media blew up. He was everywhere; everyone wanted to make commercials with him.

The Beats commercials with LeBron's mom and talking about never forgetting where you come from was classic.

KG can do the same thing now and make a huge profit from it.

Years after he moved to the Nets, he kind of fell off the planet. Moving back to Minnesota will get everyone talking about him again.

3. Everyone is famous in New York -- only a few are in Minnesota

Most people in New York are famous for something, whether it be music, movies or sports. Whatever it is, no one is special in New York.

To be honest, there's not as much going on in Minnesota. Coming back will make him feel like a hero, and we know KG is one for attention.

His stats will be more impressive compared to most people who played in Minnesota as opposed to New York. He'll be recognized everywhere and get so many benefits he probably isn't getting in New York.

4. He can finish where he began

Minnesota is like Throwback Thursday for KG. At some point, people want to return to the place that made them a star. It's heartwarming, and it's a reminder of the path he took to get to where he was.

He can reconnect; he can rebuild and begin to prepare his life for after basketball. There's more growth opportunity in Minnesota for KG.

5. He can develop the team

We all know KG wants to buy the Wolves at some point in his life. We also know he wants to build other players and make them the best they can be. There would be no good chance of this anywhere else in the US.

Since he's tied to Minnesota, he's got a higher chance of buying out the Wolves and developing the team into the all-star group it can be.

Whatever the reason KG decided to take the trade may be, all we can say in Minnesota is, "Welcome home!"