These Men Were Asked To Read Mean Tweets About Female Sports Journalists

Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain are two incredibly talented sports reporters. They're also females, which means they not only have to do their jobs, they also have to put up with more bullsh*t than any of their male contemporaries.

Recently, DiCaro and Spain got together to produce a simple yet powerful video that shines some much-needed light on the plight women face on social media platforms like Twitter.

As you can see in the video above, DiCaro and Spain asked a group of men to sit directly across from them and read some of the mean tweets they've both received.

The looks on the men's faces say it all.

These tweets were clearly difficult for the men to read aloud, and they might be difficult for you to hear, but just think about Julie DiCaro, Sarah Spain and the countless other women who have to see and read these comments on a regular basis.

#MoreThanMean doesn't even begin to describe these tweets.

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