This High School Football Player Is Bigger Than Every Athlete In NFL (Video)

Meet John Krahn, a 7-foot, 440-pound senior football player at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California.

You can call him "Junior," though, according to his coach.

The young lineman is taller than anyone who ever played in the NFL. He's also about the same size as wrestling legend Big Show.

According to MaxPreps, Krahn struggles with his footwork because he is new to the sport. But something tells me a little hard work could go a long, long way with this force of nature.

The high school football website also reports Krahn is looking to drop some weight by sticking to a 3,000-calorie diet consisting of mostly chicken and fish.

In addition to opposing teams, any would-be criminals should also take heed of Junior.

Krahn reportedly said,

I want to be a police officer later in my life.

You can do whatever you want, John.

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