Mario Götze's Penis Is Really, Really Happy To See His Girlfriend

by Alexia LaFata

No, Mario Götze, the soccer player who scored Germany's winning goal for the World Cup yesterday, does not have a banana in his pocket.

He is just really, really, happy to be hanging out with his girlfriend, German model Ann-Kathrin Brommel Vida, on this boat.

This picture circulated the Internet last year, but now that Götze has become a mini celebrity, it's making rounds again.

I can't blame him for that raging boner; his girlfriend is very attractive.

Though, I would suggest wearing something a little less tight and revealing -- PSA: never, ever wear a Speedo -- if you know that you have a hot model of a girlfriend whose bikini color makes it look like she literally isn't wearing clothes.

h/t: Bullett Media