Lisa Ann Just Made A Million New Fans By Taking This Student From 'College Gameday' As Her Date To The AVNs

Though Jayden Jaymes is first in our hearts here at Elite Daily, her friend Lisa Ann is making a strong run for second. She reached out to a fan through Twitter, and invited him to be her date at the Adult Video News (AVN) awards this past weekend in Las Vegas.

This wasn't just a red carpet stunt, however, as this lucky dude also spent time with America's MILF later on in the night...

But how did this guy swing it? A low key check filled with zeros? A father who runs the porn industry? We have no idea if those suggestions are in play, but way back in college football season Matt McGann called out Lisa Ann in a College Game Day background sign.

The Oklahoma State student held up a sign that read "Baylors Defense Has More Holes Than Lisa Ann," which was apparently a big compliment to the porn superstar. She reached out to him on Twitter, and the rest, as we've now seen, is history.

H/T: Brobible