It's Official: LeBron James Will Star In 'Space Jam 2'

Universal Pictures

LeBron James starring in a "Space Jam" sequel has long seemed probable. Now, it looks like a certain reality.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. is in talks to hire a director for the film. The most important detail? LeBron is reported as the star of the film.

Rumors first began swirling nearly a year ago, when Warner Bros. filed new trademarks to the film and signed a deal with James in quick succession.

At that point, the writing was on the wall. Now, the words might as well be on the script.

This news comes 20 years after Michael Jordan starred in the original "Space Jam." We can only hope the sequel with LeBron James will be worth the two-decade wait.

It also shows us LeBron James' commitment to making movies.

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