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LeBron James Writes Heartfelt Letter To A Terminally Ill Teenager

With the NBA season in full swing, you might not think a superstar like LeBron James would have time to make a young man's dream come true. But you don't know 'Bron.

Indianapolis, Indiana high school student Emanuel Duncan has a terminal illness known as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and to be blunt, no one knows how long he'll live.

That is why Duncan wanted so badly to meet his hero, LeBron James.

Duncan relayed this goal to columnist for The Indianapolis Star Gregg Doyel. Duncan said,

My bucket list is to meet LeBron. That's the one thing I want to do. Meet LeBron James. That's my role model. He inspires me to do everything. To be a good person, to put other people first, to live your life and do what makes you happy. If I meet LeBron James, that would make my day. I wouldn't ask for anything.

King James got wind of Emanuel's wish and responded by sending a package to Duncan. 

Indy kid told me he had one item on bucket list: Meet LeBron. @KingJames heard. Check pic. — Gregg Doyel (@GreggDoyelStar) November 13, 2015

LeBron penned a touching letter to Duncan, along with a signed jersey, shoes, promise bands and headphones.

LeBron's letter to Emanuel. Don't ever say LeBron is no hero. Not to me. LeBron saw this: — Gregg Doyel (@GreggDoyelStar) November 13, 2015

In the letter, LeBron wrote,

I know you said that I'm your role model and that I inspire you, but I know that you give so many people inspiration, including me. You are living out what it means to be a role model, to be a good person, to put others first and live life to the fullest, doing what makes you happy... Together we will change the world, LeBron James

I think we're all looking up to LeBron James and Emanuel Duncan today.

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