LeBron James Really Wants You To Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Wednesday night, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and reigning NBA champion LeBron James didn't mince words when he addressed an ESPYs after-party crowd.

LeBron took the stage, looked at the crowd and issued a pretty straightforward ultimatum: Dance or leave.

Suddenly, I feel like this has to be my motto for every party I attend the rest of the summer. Hell, I may just get up from my desk at 2 pm and scream it at co-workers.

As you can hear in the video above, LeBron James said,

If you're not dancing, shaking your ass or having a good time, there's an exit sign right there! There's an exit sign right there! There's an exit sign right there! There's an exit sign right there! You gotta get the fuck up out of here!... If y'all not dancing, having a good time or shaking your ass, y'all got to go, man!

OK, OK! Take it easy, LeBron. I'll dance, I promise.

According to TMZ, this all took place at the Uninterrupted party at Le Jardin, where LeBron James and his party-or-die speech obviously stole the show.

I mean, when you have Kendrick Lamar giving a live performance at the party you're at, you better be shaking that ass like a Polaroid picture.

Party on, LeBron.

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