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NFL Safety Put On Blast By Alleged Baby Mama After Posting Engagement Photo

New York Giants safety Landon Collins' announcement of his engagement to his girlfriend, Victoria, should've been a purely joyous occasion, however, thanks to an Instagram rant from an alleged mother of one of Collins' kids, it was anything but.

It gets worse, though, because according to the above-mentioned baby mama, Rocsi, Collins has three separate children with three separate women. And if you believe Rocsi's Instagram rant, all three children had due dates within just days of each other.

Here's the photo Landon Collins' fiancée, Victoria, reportedly tweeted after she accepted Collins' proposal.


Soon after getting wind of Collins' engagement, one of his former flames, Rocsi, went on an epic Instagram rant about how Landon got her and two other women pregnant around the same time.


Rocsi also went off about how a woman named Victoria reached out to her to talk about Collins.


Rocsi claims Collins was supposed to meet her and his kid at his mother's house but instead went to chill in Miami with Victoria.


Rocsi also posted a pic of the "two times" Collins saw his daughter.


Apparently, Rocsi posted a pic of one of Landon Collins' conversations with another baby mama, in which he allegedly tells the woman to get on food stamps.


To top it off, Rocsi posted this meme to Instagram, putting the final smackdown on Landon Collins and his new fiancée, Victoria.


There doesn't appear to be any word from Collins yet on whether or not these allegations are true.

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