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Kristaps Porzingis Hit The Dream Shake And People Are Losing Their Sh*t (Video)

In case you decided to not to watch Jeremy Lin's return to Madison Square Garden last night, you missed the moment everyone and his or her mama were talking about this morning.

During the first quarter of last night's game, New York Knicks rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis channeled his inner Hakeem Olajuwon and pulled off a flawless dream shake at the expense of Charlotte Hornets center Frank Kaminsky.

In response to PorzinGOD's move, the Internet went into major meltdown mode.

Here are the best tweets to kick off your Wednesday morning.

It hasn't taken Kristaps Porzingis long to adapt to the speed of the NBA...

Didn't expect Porzingis to be out here dream shaking cats in November. Smh. — JRSportBrief (@JRSportBrief) November 18, 2015

...and after pulling off the dream shake last night, the Internet is exploding.

A nice glass of DREAM SHAKE via Kristaps Porzingis is good for your soul this morning — HuffPost Sports (@HuffPostSports) November 18, 2015

Like, whatever this dude said.

Hakeem? Nope. Solo Porzingis con il Dream Shake! #nbatipo — Darwin Capitanio (@darwincapitanio) November 18, 2015

Even stars from other sports are taking notice of the 20-year-old.

Gotta say, Porzingis is proving me wrong each game. With the "Dream Shake" last night too!! #starinthemaking — GIUSEPPE ROSSI (@GiuseppeRossi22) November 18, 2015

If Porzingis was ever lost, he's now most definitely found.

oh my god porzingis just hit a dream shake fadeaway and it was like reading a new lost fan theory — Varoon Bose (@varoonbose) November 18, 2015

Some folks are a little cranky about the media comparing Porzingis to Hakeem...

I like Porzingis. But terrible ESPN using him in same sentence as "Olajuwon" and "dream shake" is not OK. Hakeem would put 40 on him. Today. — Dan Bartemus (@SpartyBarte) November 18, 2015

...but the majority of folks appear to think otherwise.

Porzingis looking real comfy in that Dream Shake. You see this bro @BKLYNSTICKUP ?? — Genovese (@TheRealGenovese) November 18, 2015

The young Latvian has healing powers the Big Apple has never seen...

Porzingis has single-handedly brought life back to New York. I'm a fan after that dream shake — Joshua Huang (@JoshyMantou) November 18, 2015

...and he is definitely modeling his game like an NBA classic man.

Classic Dream Shake by Porzingis — Jan Rockster Flores (@TheKingMamba) November 18, 2015

For those who thought the Knicks wasted yet another high draft pick, y'all better think again.

Let's Face it, We were all Wrong!! #Knicks #Porzingis That Dream Shake was Pretty!! — Tito Rivera (@Tito1208) November 18, 2015

In addition to the shake, Porzingis dropped 29 points on Charlotte to finish head of the class.

Porzingis took Kaminsky back to school with that dream shake loooool — Michael Mikhail (@Michael_Squared) November 18, 2015

I can't wait to see what this kid does the rest of this season.