The Kentucky Wildcats Finally Asked Drake To Stop Being Such A Groupie

The University of Kentucky just found a whole new way to deal with stage five clingers.

Forget uncomfortable text messages, Kentucky sent famed fan and rapper Drake a formal cease and desist letter after the Toronto native snapped this picture with an incoming basketball recruit during the school's Big Blue Madness event in October.

Big Blue Madness was Crazy!!!' Loved It! — Team Matthews (@nichole0335) October 18, 2014

In layman's terms, even looking like you've arranged a meeting between a "potential student athlete" and celebrity could be a violation of NCAA rules (which are pretty much set up to prohibit having any fun that doesn't make the NCAA itself richer, but I digress).

Looking to avoid trouble, Kentucky self-reported itself and informed the NCAA it'd reach out to Drake.

Sporting News reported the details of the letter:

[Kentucky has] issued a cease-and-desist letter to (Drake) directing him to refrain from conversations with prospects or taking photos with prospects when that conversation or photo occurs outside the parameters established by the NCAA.

Now, we should mention it's the recruit who asked Drake for the photo and head coach John Calipari took to Twitter to try to clear things up.

There are no issues with @Drake and UK, and Drake is and always will be a part of our Big Blue family. I hope to see him on campus soon. — John Calipari (@UKCoachCalipari) July 22, 2015

But what's done is done. And we all now what this whole thing stems from.

Drake is just around Kentucky way too much.

So much that he's participated in their layup lines.

So much that he's at Wildcat events when the basketball season isn't even in session.

So much that the school basically had to send him a letter and ask him to stop being such a groupie. Damn.

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