The Complete History Of Justin Bieber's Love Affair With Soccer (Photos)


From Snoop Dogg to One Direction to Drake, there's a long, storied history of creative artists and their love for the sport of soccer.

It makes sense, really.

Soccer is the most widely-consumed sport on the planet, and musical stars want to appeal to the largest audience possible.

In many cases, celebrities and musicians will represent with jerseys from multiple soccer clubs, which leads us to believe they don't truly support just one team.

I mean, who else but Drake would wear Manchester United gear one week and pose with a Manchester City jacket the next?

It appears Justin Bieber is also a soccer supporter, but a little digging reveals he's not like other fans who simply hopped on the beautiful game's bandwagon because it was the cool thing to do.

Everyone's favorite Canadian was playing soccer long before you became a diehard Barcelona "fan," and there's photo evidence to prove it.

Here's the complete history of Justin Bieber's love affair with soccer.

Justin Bieber has been playing soccer since way back in the day.

The Ontario, Canada native grew up with the beautiful game.

And we have to say, it looks like his love for the sport is almost as strong as his love for music.

The 21-year-old represents one of the world's biggest teams, FC Barcelona...

...and has also been to England to get decked out in the blue of Chelsea FC.

Not to mention he's also donned an Everton FC kit.

But the three-time Forbes Celebrity 100 honoree is also out here competing for the love of the game.

Whether he's kicking a ball on the beach with Usher...

...or playing with a group of kids in the street...'s clear Justin Bieber is one of the realest fútbol aficionados we know.

Canada's finest has even garnered the respect of Cristiano Ronaldo.

And he is inspiring young soccer players to go out and compete at the highest level.

Lionel Messi, who?

Nah, Justin Bieber is the real soccer MVP...

..and he's been doing it for years.

So, next time you see Justin Bieber rocking a soccer jersey and you're thinking he's just another bandwagon fan...

...remember, this dude's been out here since he was a little kid.

And he's only repping multiple teams because real recognize real.