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Miami Shuts Down For A Final Goodbye To José Fernández In Heartbreaking Pics

The impact Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández had on so many people extends far beyond the game of baseball.

Was the 24-year-old Cuban-born ace one of the best pitchers in the game? Yes, without a doubt.

But what Fernández really symbolized for so many individuals in Miami, Cuba and beyond was that if you believe hard enough in yourself, you can achieve your dreams regardless of the obstacles in front of you.

It took four tries for Fernández to make his way from Cuba to Miami, and he literally had to pull his mom out of the boat on that final successful attempt.

Then, Fernández made his dreams come true as a professional baseball player with the Miami Marlins.

Sunday, the 24-year-old died in a tragic boating accident, which also claimed the lives of two other young men.

Wednesday afternoon, virtually the entire city of Miami came to a grinding halt as Fernández's funeral procession commenced.

Highways and streets were shut down, rain poured down from the sky and the Marlins player's family, teammates, friends and fans turned out in droves to say one final farewell to a true hero.


Before the procession started, Fernández's casket was carried into the hearse by some of his closest friends, known as “J's crew.”

The public funeral procession took place through the streets of Miami.

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Several Miami highways were completely shut down as the procession made its way to Marlins Park.

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Miami streets were cleared and life seemed to come to a standstill for the procession of José Fernández.

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Fernández's family, friends, teammates and fans were overwhelmed at the sight of the hearse carrying his casket.

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Teammates, family, friends and fans surrounded the casket to give one final goodbye.

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The 24-year-old's mom was comforted by Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

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Fans turned out in full force to celebrate the life and heroism of José Fernández and all that he stood for.

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Fernández is gone far too soon, but his spirit and all that he embodied will always live on.

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South Florida's Local 10 News reports a public viewing will be held for Fernández on Wednesday, September 28, from 5 PM to 11 PM at St. Brendan Catholic Church at 8725 SW 32nd Street in Miami.

A private funeral will be held for Fernández on Thursday, and instead of flowers, the Fernández family reportedly requested contributions be made to the JDF16 Foundation.

Godspeed, José.

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