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The Full Story Of How JJ Watt Helped A Guy Ask His Crush To Prom


You may have recently heard about defensive end JJ Watt hopping on Snapchat in order to help a teenage Texans fan ask his longtime crush to prom.

As the story goes, Kyle Crochet first reached out to Watt on Twitter in order to enlist his help in asking the young lady.


Soon after, Watt used his Snapchat story, as you can see in the video above, to share Kyle's story and ask his longtime crush, Diana, to prom.

JJ, being the awesome, yet very real dude he is, not only asked Diana to prom for Kyle, but said he was "legitimately nervous" while awaiting Diana's response.

Just imagine how Kyle felt, JJ.

Of course, Diana agreed to go to prom with Kyle because who turns down a direct proposal from JJ Watt?

Elite Daily has the video of Diana watching JJ's proposal and giving a very affirmative response to his request:

Kyle sent over the videos and told Elite Daily,

Indeed he did. Have a great time, guys!