This Rock-Climbing Busboy Is The First Ever 'American Ninja Warrior' (Video)

Team Ninja Warrior on YouTube

Last night, Isaac Caldiero made history by becoming the first ever "American Ninja Warrior" winner.

HISTORY. HAS. BEEN. MADE. Meet your first American Ninja Warrior, @IsaacCaldiero! #NinjaWarriorFinale — Ninja Warrior (@ninjawarrior) September 15, 2015

For his heroic conquering of Mount Midoriyama, the 33-year-old Colorado native netted himself a cool $1 million, and that means he may be able to move on from his current role as a busboy.

Yes, believe it or not, Caldiero came to Las Vegas as a professional rock climber/busboy, which makes his story of triumph that much more awesome.

He trained for the staggering obstacle course by building replicas of the third stage in his own backyard.

In its seven seasons on the air, "American Ninja Warrior" never crowned a champion, but that all changed when not one but two competitors completed the fourth stage, a 75-foot rope climb, in less than 30 seconds.

Caldiero won the prize and became a millionaire as he had a faster climb time than that of 36-year-old Geoff Britten.

Hats off to a true American hero.

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