On Instagram Straight Flexing: The Luxurious Life Of Floyd Mayweather

By Julian Sonny

On Instagram, some people know hot to stunt, while others... well they just know how to flex. Floyd Mayweather is the king of this and if you ever forget what life is like for the $170 million man, then looking at his IG account just once will tell you that it's pretty damn awesome.

He spends every dollar like it doesn't matter and pretty much keeps cash with him at all times. In between that, there are lots of diamonds, private yachts and Ferraris that will simply make you feel inadequate.

But that's life for one of the biggest bosses of all time. Money Mayweather is no chump and his excessive spending proves it. Check out the luxurious life of Floyd Mayweather via Instagram below.

Top Photo Courtesy of Instagram