Basketball Team Goes Mad Over LeBron James Nike Solider X


Times when it's OK to absolutely lose your mind: when you get married; when you have your first kid; when LeBron James gives you a fire pair of sneakers for free.

The King dropped by a high school in Arkansas to gift the basketball team some sick merch. We're talking top-of-the-line LeBron Nike Soldier X shoes and some shirts.

Basketball player James Renshaw posted a video of his team's priceless reaction.

It opens with a view of the locker room and the new kicks sitting on a pile of boxes in the corner.

Team members drip in, and, one by one, each reaction gets crazier.

The team cheer uncontrollably and one kid says, "WAIT A SECOND — I don't need to get new shoes."

It's not the first time LeBron has gifted gear to high school students, and recently, it looks like he's been the Santa Claus of basketball.

Last week the West Linn Lions in Oregon were blessed.

A similar video was posted on Twitter with the team's reaction. The crew gather round the boxes of fresh Nikes as someone reads out a personal letter from LeBron himself.

The team erupts in screams and shout, "WE'RE HUNGRY, WE'RE HUNGRY."

LeBron even tweeted back with more words of encouragement and the hashtag "strive for greatness."

Then he did it again with another school:


LeBron, I've always been too short to play ball, but your sneaks are killer. Please, can I have a pair?