The Hottest WWE Divas We Wouldn't Mind Wrestling With

by Julian Sonny

There are two things I respect in this world: people who act for themselves and women brave enough to step into a wrestling ring. Everybody else can go f*ck themselves.

Since the early 90s, the WWE has enlisted some top talent for their Diva division, and while these beautiful women may look like they just want to have a good time, what you should know is that they can also whoop some ass. Then again, who's really trying to stop them?

Some of our fondest wrestling memories from the glory days came courtesy of these ladies. What better way to celebrate their history and future than by ranking their badness? Ladies and (mostly) gentlemen, enjoy the hottest WWE Divas that we truly wouldn't mind wrestling with.

Kelly Kelly

Real Name: Barbara Jean Blank

Years Active: 2006-2012

Kelly Kelly might have not been the most gifted wrestler, but she just has that little spunk and wholesomeness to her that made her so hot. Coming from the ECW, Kelly was also one of the only girls who performed a striptease during her intro. If you're wondering why she has tattoos in the photos above, it's because she looks hotter with them. Shout out to Photoshop.


Real Name: Amy Christine Dumas

Years Active: 1999-2006

Sure, she's a little ratchet, but what girl from Florida isn't? Not many divas left a lasting impact on the game quite like Lita did during her time in the WWE. Amidst having an on-camera relationship with Matt Hardy (who she was actually dating in real life), Lita ended up cheating on him with Edge, proving that you just can't date in the workplace.

Stephanie McMahon

Real Name: Stephanie McMahon Levesque

Years Active: 1999-present

The boss's daughter, though? Stephanie McMahon is your typical Connecticut girl, but it wasn't until we discovered that she had an enormous rack that she really solidified a special place in all of our hearts. Of course she married Triple-H, which is the equivalent of the hot girl in school dating the biggest jock. I can't say we approve.

The Bella Twins

Real Name: Nicole and Brianna Garcia

Years Active: 2008-present

What's better than one Spanish girl? I know, two Spanish girls! The Bella Twins have been tearing it up for a few years now and have supplanted their status as one of the best tag teams, winning the WWE Divas Championship belt in 2011. Half-Mexican, half-Italian, Nicole and Brianna Garcia also broke our hearts when they decided to date John Cena and Daniel Bryan, respectively. These WWE dudes are cleaning up!

Torrie Wilson

Real Name: Torrie Wilson

Years Active: 2001-2008

Currently dating Yankees scumbag Alex Rodriguez, Torrie Wilson will always be remembered for her wet t-shirt matches and always coming to the ring with her puppy, for whatever reason. Of course, she recently did some work for Playboy and was named Miss Galaxy, which is all the more reason she doesn't need the WWE anymore.


Real Name: Rena Marlette Lesnar

Years Active: 1996-2004

At 46 years old, we don't really want to know what Sable looks like now, but any WWE Diva list without her would be a damn shame. She was the ultimate badass chick of the 90s and proved that it wasn't just a gimmick when she married Brock Lesnar. The two-time champion posed for Playboy three times and we're pretty sure Vince McMahon was banging her, too.


Real Name: Tammy Lynn Sytch

Years Active: 1995-1998

Sunny was a pioneer of the game. I mean, no one was hotter than she was in pro wrestling during the 90s, as she was AOL's Most Downloaded Woman of the Year in 1996 -- aka, you already know. It wasn't just being blonde and bad that got Sunny far, though. The girl was a star in the ring! You're not going to find many risk-takers like this one anymore.

Joy Giovanni

Real Name: Joy Giovanni

Years Active: 2004-2009

Joy Giovanni was a remarkable athlete during her playing career. After winning Diva Rookie of the Year, she went on to compete in the Lingerie Football League, where she proved that girls can have similar interests as guys and still be hot while doing it. We just wish she stuck around a little longer!

Layla El

Real Name: Layla El

Years Active: 2006-present

Layla El is a trooper. Not only is she a gorgeous Puerto Rican from England, but she also fought the the pain after tearing her ACL and MCL during a match in 2011. After surgery and 11 months of rehab, she came back stronger than ever and won her first Divas Championship. She's definitely a freak.

Eva Marie

Real Name: Natalie Marie Nelson

Years Active: 2013-present

As one of the most recent additions to the WWE, Eva Marie has already proven to be a star and potential future golden girl for the company. With fiery red hair, Eva has a poppin' Instagram to match her incredible moves in the ring. To put it simply, she's the Kevin Durant of the Divas.

Trish Stratus

Real Name: Patricia Anne Stratigias

Years Active: 2000-2006

Trish Stratus could have easily been no. 1, but she retired just a little too early for us to give her that honor. She does have the body of work, though, as a seven-time WWE Champion and one of the most iconic women in the sport. She was even named "Diva of the Decade" and beat out everyone on this list. Also, THAT ASS!

Stacy Keibler

Real Name: Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler

Years Active: 2001-2011

To put it best, if it's good enough for George Clooney, it's good enough for us! We have to give Stacy Keibler major respect for not only keeping her fans happy for an entire decade, but also for transitioning her career into one of the better actress/models. Plus, she had those million-dollar legs. Every time she stepped into the ring, it was a show for real.

Bonus: Candice Michelle vs. Torrie Wilson "Wet N' Wild" Match

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Top Photo Courtesy: WWE