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This Actor From The 'Harry Potter' Movies Is Now An MMA Fighter

Well, what do you know, it looks like all those years of being a Slytherin House bully actually turned Draco Malfoy's right-hand man into an MMA fighter.

According to reports, Josh Herdman, perhaps better known as the character Gregory Goyle from the "Harry Potter" movies, made his octagon debut at a fight in London this past weekend.

Herdman reportedly defeated Janusz Walachowski, not a former "Harry Potter" cast member, by unanimous decision. Speaking after his victory, Herdman reportedly said,

I've been training traditional Japanese jujitsu for nearly five years and hold a shodan black belt. It's raw, exciting and unpredictable. I haven't fallen out of love with [acting], I still have an agent and still go for auditions. It's just a little bit like playing the lottery for a living. I don't see it so much as a career change, I am passionate about both acting and fighting.

No word on whether or not Herdman used any of the Dark Arts in order to vanquish Walachowski.

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