Gregg Popovich Compares Stephen Curry To Michael Jordan; Curry Asks If He's Drunk

by Julian Sonny

This season, Stephen Curry has cemented his status as a member of the NBA elite by playing out of his mind, and leading the Warriors into the playoffs. He has proven himself to be perhaps the most lethal shooter, and an even better leader, when it has come down to the wire during more than one occasion this season.

Plus who could forget the 50-point outing in Madison Square Garden? Ridiculous!

So as the San Antonio Spurs gear up to face the young star in the second round playoff match up, coach Gregg Popovich has been doing some scouting. And what's most scary about the highly critical commander-in-chief? He is thoroughly impressed.

In fact upon admiring a 35-point game where Steph exploded for Golden State, Popovich went out on a limb and paid Curry the highest compliment of all.

"It was like playing against Michael Jordan."

Eliciting that kind of reaction from one of the best coaches in the business is no easy feat. The championship coach knows talent when he sees it, and Mr. Curry has it. And to compare him to the greatest of all time is even more of a testament to his skill.

So when Steph was told about these comments made by the Spurs coach, he answered as humbly as he could have.

Warriors PG Stephen Curry was told Popovich said watching him was like watching Jordan. Curry laughed: "Was he drunk when he said it?" — Marcus Thompson (@gswscribe) May 5, 2013

Great answer. While he has been playing lights out this season, he knows that he still has a while to go before even being put into that conversation. But with his recent resurgence, it wouldn't be too crazy to be having this conversation ten years down the line. Until then, beat the Spurs.