After 12 Years And $66 Million, Former NBA Player Studies At Columbia

Troy Murphy spent 12 seasons in the NBA with six different teams. Now, he's enrolled in Columbia University's School of General Studies.

Murphy, 34, retired after the 2012-2013 season, and if he completes the necessary requirements, he'll earn his bachelor's degree in sociology this December.

Last semester, Murphy took courses ranging from Spanish to Introduction to Islamic Civilization, earning a 3.8 GPA and making Dean's List in the process.

Murphy made $66 million during his NBA career, and not only did he choose to go back to school full-time, he elected to face the challenges of an Ivy League institution.

Speaking to The New York Times, Murphy said,

For me it was: I'm going to prove I can beat this guy. I'm going to shut him down or outscore him or outrebound him. Now, you have these professors who are some of the best, and you want to test yourself. You want to prove you can get an A in the class.

Before his NBA career, Murphy was a two-time, first-team All-American at Notre Dame. He never completed his sociology degree as a result of being drafted after his junior year.

With both of his parents being former schoolteachers, Murphy was always determined to obtain his degree.

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