The Last Boxer To Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Lives Off $435 A Month

Nearly two decades ago, Floyd Mayweather Jr. lost a boxing match.

The man who beat him, Serafim Todorov, is now 45 and lives in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria on a stipend of about $435 a month.

Todorov was 27 when he squared off against a 19-year-old Mayweather in the semifinal of the 1996 Olympic boxing tournament in Atlanta.

While you might expect the Bulgarian to wear the victory like a suit of pride -- considering Mayweather hasn't lost a match since -- that couldn't be further from the truth.

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But it isn't their contrasting lifestyles making Todorov regret his famous victory; it's the events that occurred after the match, beginning with a dubious defeat in the final and the following cataclysmic chain of events.

Mayweather's camp accused Emil Jetchev, the former chairman of the international Referees and Judges Commission, of rigging the semi in Todorov's favor.

The irony is he did just the opposite in the final, according to Todorov.

Todorov alleges Jetchev influenced the judges' scoring to cost him the final and then screwed his deal to switch allegiances and fight for Turkey at the 1997 World Championships.

Todorov's career was over at 28.

While Mayweather had nothing directly to do with Todorov's sad demise, that victory precipitated the Bulgarian's everlasting defeat.

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