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ESPN Trolled The Sh*t Out Of The Patriots With A Deflategate Subtweet

Last night on "Monday Night Football," the New England Patriots defeated the Buffalo Bills to improve to 10-0 on the season.

Before the game, ESPN analyst and former Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis picked the Bills to win the game and said he would rather have Bills coach Rex Ryan over Pats coach Bill Belichick because Ryan "relates" to the players.

We're not sure if the Pats watched ESPN's pregame show, but the team did decline to send anyone out for the standard ESPN "MNF" postgame interview.

Shortly after that, ESPN's "SportsCenter" tweeted something that looks like a pretty blatant Spygate/Deflategate joke.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 24, 2015

And folks definitely took notice of the dig.

@SportsCenter what even is this? — Katie Nolan (@katienolan) November 24, 2015

This guy voiced his opinion of ESPN's actions with one hashtag.

@SportsCenter #professional — RSQViper (@RSQViper) November 24, 2015

Others made a plea for common sense to return to Bristol.

@SportsCenter what are you doing — Jeremy Lawrence (@JeremyLawrencee) November 24, 2015

Some believe SportsCenter tweeted this because the Pats snubbed the postgame interview.

@SportsCenter lol mad because the Patriots decline the postgame interview. — Shanz (@Shanzzzz) November 24, 2015

While others lost all respect for ESPN and its flagship news show.

@SportsCenter Are you a joke? — DirtyWaterTees (@DirtyWaterTees) November 24, 2015

And ESPN might have lost more than a few viewers.

@mockingbird2424 I will never ever watch ESPN again till the day I die that's a fact #IrresponsibleJournalism — Frank McQuade (@frank_mcquade) November 24, 2015

Considering the Pats won and remained undefeated, this dude makes a pretty good point.

@SportsCenter @stoolpresidente #ESPNLies and @nflcommish still can't beat Brady — Jason Ferlan (@FourBagFerlan) November 24, 2015

Is some intern about to get fired from ESPN?

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