REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Donald Trump Forgot Joe Paterno Is Dead And Asked About Him At A Rally

At a rally in Pittsburgh, Donald Trump boasted and proclaimed he knows a lot about Pennsylvania. He then immediately proceeded to imply he knows nothing about Pennsylvania.

Reading off a piece of paper during what seemed to be a period during which he was stalling, the front-runner for the Republican nomination asked about Joe Paterno... who has been dead for over four years.

Trump asked his audience,

How's Joe Paterno? We're gonna bring that back? How 'bout that whole deal?

Granted, Trump was so vague, literally no one could know what he was getting at. But, the idea that he either forgot or just doesn't know old Joe Pa is dead is a reasonable assumption -- and one that is HIGH-larious.

Check out the video above to witness the awkwardness.