Cubs Fan’s Tooth Ripping Out After Lost World Series Bet Looks So Painful


Despite the fact that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series against the Cleveland Indians this year, a few Cubs fans still placed brutal wagers against themselves.

You probably would, too.

I mean, the Chicago Cubs hadn't won a single World Series since 1908. That's 108 years ago.

That's exactly why one Cubs fan felt more than comfortable betting that if the Cubs won, he'd willingly have his tooth ripped out of his mouth.

Why anyone would do this is beyond me, but it just goes to show that even Cubs fans probably expected to lose the series.

The video, which was shared on Twitter, begins with one truthful kid and his buddies standing in front of a house.

The kid's holding a Cubs "W" flag as one of his friends holds a football attached to a string that is looped around one of this teeth. Before attempting painful stunt, the kid tells the camera,

I'm not a liar. It's not what I'm about. Not now. Not ever.

Do you hear THAT, people?! This kid does not back down from bets no matter how harsh the consequences are!

The video continues with everyone taking their positions as the trusty better waits for his friend to throw a bullet pass into the distance to get the job done.

Here's the cringeworthy video of a Chicago Cubs fan getting his tooth ripped out after he promised he would if the Cubs actually won the World Series.

Promised us if the Cubs won the World Series we could rip out his tooth #FlyTheW — Kade Stone™ (@kade_stone) November 13, 2016

Now, I've personally never heard of someone using a football and a string to have their tooth ripped out of their mouth. I've heard of the whole doorknob approach, the pliers -- but never a football and a string.

Perhaps other people had never heard of such a stunt either.

That's precisely why some people who saw the video thought it might have been fake.

However, this particular Cubs fan (who is now missing a tooth) knew exactly what the internet would say and boy was he ready with a picture to shut the haters up...

The proof...

To the kid in the video who was brave enough to follow through with the gruesome stunt, never bet against yourself again.

Your team won, and you LOST A TOOTH... This shit isn't adding up.

Clearly, you need to start trusting yourself a bit more, bud. Now, fill that hole with a lucky gold tooth, and take a trip to Vegas!

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