Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Shut Down By Australian Model On Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo's love conquests have never been secrets over the years.

The 30-year-old Real Madrid superstar has dated gorgeous models from all around the globe, but it looks like his world tour recently hit a road bump in Australia.

Aussie model Aline Lima reportedly hit up Ronaldo on Instagram to see if the Portuguese international would meet her boyfriend, a huge CR and Real Madrid fan.


Ronaldo, being the cool cat he is, allegedly responded by saying,

Yes, beautiful. But it is difficult. I do not want to know man. I want to meet you.

Lima denied his advances, supposedly responding,

No, my boyfriend would not be happy.

But Cristiano Ronaldo didn't get where he is today by giving up so easily.

CR reportedly upped the ante on his bid to lure in the Miss Latina Australia runner-up by offering her free tickets to watch Madrid take on Manchester City at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

He even assured her their meeting would be kept a secret, saying,

No one knows, baby. Quiet.

Apparently, he also suggested Lima bring a friend. Ayo!

After shutting down Ronaldo's multiple advances, Lima had a message for those saying she was only looking for publicity in the first place.

Looks like even the great Cristiano Ronaldo hears "no" sometimes.

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