Cristiano Ronaldo's Private Jet Crashed But He Wasn't On

International soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines for a frightening reason after his private jet reportedly crash-landed as it was approaching an airport in Barcelona on September 26.

Luckily for 31-year-old Ronaldo, he wasn't onboard the aircraft when the crash happened. He was in Dortmund, Germany with his Real Madrid teammates preparing for game.

According to ESPN, the private jet's landing gear malfunctioned as it was landing at El Prat airport, causing the jet to fly off of the runway below.

Several Spanish media reports state that somehow no one was injured during the horrific incident -- not even the pilot.

Cristiano Ronaldo's private jet is said to seat eight passengers and two crew members. There's been no word on how many people were aboard the flight at the time of the crash.

Cristiano, who was in Germany, was preparing for his matchup against German sports club Borussia Dortmund. I'm just going to go ahead and say it -- having to trek to Germany for his next game was a blessing in disguise!

He posted a photo on Instagram with a thumbs-up emoji the day of the crash.

As for the plane, Ronaldo's Gulfstream G200 costs a whopping $21 million. The Real Madrid forward leases his pricey private jet out to select clients when he isn't using it himself.

Estimated damages from the plane crash have not yet been determined. Here's what the lavish private jet typically looks like. Fancy, isn't it?

It's safe to say Cristiano Ronaldo has great taste in PJs!

As for Ronaldo's match against German team Borussia Dortmund, the face-off resulted in a flat out draw.

I'm sure he's just happy no one was hurt or killed during the crash involving his jet. I'm also sure he's glad to have been about 1,200 miles away when tragedy struck. Phew!

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