Chris Copeland Was Stabbed Outside A Nightclub In NYC Last Night

Former New York Knick Chris Copeland returned to NYC last night, but it was far from a happy homecoming.

Copeland and his wife, Katrine Saltara, were out for a night on the town at Manhattan's 1 OAK club when things turned ugly just as the club was about to close.

According to reports, both Copeland and Saltara were stabbed by 22-year-old Shezoy Bleary, another club patron. The stabbing took place just outside of the club.

In addition to Copeland and Saltara, Bleary also accidentally stabbed his friend, Catherine Somani.

Bleary was held by Copeland's driver and later arrested by police.

The plot thickened, though, when it was revealed Pero Antić and Thabo Sefolosha of the Atlanta Hawks were also arrested in the incident.

Apparently, the two were taken into custody for refusing to move when the NYPD attempted to set up a crime scene.

It's unclear what their exact connections are.

Copeland was stabbed in the gut and elbow, and Saltara was slashed in her arm and leg.

The former Knick is in town because the Pacers are playing the Knicks tonight. Antić and Sefolosha are in the city because the Hawks are playing the Brooklyn Nets.

The Pacers' President of Basketball Operations, Larry Bird, released a statement through the team's website:

We are aware that Chris Copeland was injured early this morning in New York City. We are still gathering information and will update when we know more. Our thoughts are with Chris and those injured.

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