Chandler Parsons Celebrates His 25th Birthday With His Bad Girlfriend

by Julian Sonny

The Houston Rockets will start their 2013 campaign tomorrow when they play the Charlotte Bobcats at home. While guys like James Harden or Dwight Howard get all of the shine and preseason hype, one player who is almost certain to elevate his game to the next level is Chandler Parsons.

At 6'10, he pretty much has the same frame as Kevin Durant, minus the reach, but with some added muscle. If you need any reminder of how real he is, then check him out below:

He turned 25 last week and celebrated the big day with his girlfriend Robyn Crowley. She's just one of those really hot girls you always see on Instagram and wonder what kind of guys they're banging -- NBA players.

Chandler Parsons should have a pretty big year for the Rockets and you can credit a lot of that to Robyn. The man is living good. Check out more fire pics of her below:

Top Photo Courtesy of Instagram