This Video Of Carlos Tevez's Knee Breaking A Keeper's Jaw Is Hard To Watch

I'm telling you now, this video of Argentine striker Carlos Tevez cracking the jaw of a goalkeeper is very difficult to watch. I cringed the first few times I viewed it, no bullsh*t.

That being said, if you're brave enough, you're about to watch the exact moment Boca Juniors' Tevez bore down on Newell's Old Boys goalkeeper Ezequiel Unsain and broke his jaw with a vicious knee to the head.

As a result of the injury, which occurred Saturday night, the 20-year-old Unsain will reportedly be out 45 days after suffering a double fracture to his lower jaw.

The incident was deemed an accident, and Carlos Tevez did not receive a card -- yellow or red -- from the match official.

Tevez, 32, has played all over the world, and while I'm by no means saying he did this on purpose, he should certainly know when to pull out of a challenge.

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