Cam Newton's New Under Armour Ad Will Motivate You Beyond Belief

Believe it or not, the NFL is back.

Thursday night, the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will kick off the new campaign with a rematch of last season's Super Bowl.

The Broncos, who won Super Bowl 50 in fairly convincing fashion, will be without retired quarterback Peyton Manning, but the Panthers will once again be led this season by their fearless field general, Cam Newton.

The 27-year-old quarterback is currently making his claim to become the best QB in the NFL, and the above ad from Under Armour gives you some insight into how Cam's doing it, as well as what motivates him to be the best.

As part of the "It Comes From Below" campaign, Under Armour has chosen to cast Cam Newton as the "Prince With 1,000 Enemies," which is a pretty damn accurate description of Newton's life right now.

The above ad features a narration by Cam's mom, Jackie Newton, so you can only imagine how important this spot is to the former Auburn Tiger.

Inspired by Richard Adams' children's book "Watership Down" about a rabbit who does everything in his power to lead his herd, Cam Newton's new Under Armour ad will motivate you beyond belief.

Seriously, you're going to be ready to run through a brick wall after watching this clip.