Where Are they Now? All Of The Browns Starting Quarterbacks Since '99

by Adam Silvers
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It's been a long and sad road for Cleveland Browns fans these past, oh, 17 years or so.

The team has drafted quarterback of the future after quarterback of the future but alas, none of these players have been the guy to right the ship -- or even steer it, really.

Last Sunday, Austin Davis became the 24th quarterback to start a game for the Browns since 1999, thus throwing the franchise into even more uncertainty at the game's most important position.

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By comparison, the NFL average is 13 starting quarterbacks per team in that time frame. And the Giants, Patriots, Packers, Colts, Chargers, Bengals and Saints have all started fewer than 10.

So, what's happened to all the quarterbacks who have gone through the continuous revolving door at Cleveland Browns/FirstEnergy Stadium?

Don't worry, we got you.

Here's what the 24 quarterbacks who've started for the Browns since 1999 are up to heading into 2016.

Tim Couch

The longest-tenured starting quarterback of the Browns since 1999, Tim Couch eventually won at life by marrying Playboy Playmate Heather Kozar. The 38-year-old currently works for Fox Sports South as a college football analyst.

Ty Detmer

Current age: 48 Years as Browns QB: 1992 Record as a starter: 0-2

Detmer currently lives with his wife and four daughters in Austin, Texas. At one point, he was was an investor in the Triton Financial Corporation, where he also worked before the firm's collapse following a fraud scandal.

Aside from being a head football coach at St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Detmer works as a guide at a south Texas ranch he owns.

Doug Pederson

Current age: 40 Years as Browns QB: 2007 Record as a starter: 1-7

Though Doug Pederson never quite made it as an NFL quarterback, he is currently employed by the league as the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Spergon Wynn

Current age: 37 Years as Browns QB: 2000 Record as a starter: 0-1

Spergon Wynn is currently an energy broker with Amerex, Energy in Houston, Texas. He reportedly enjoys playing golf and says he hasn't tossed a football in "probably four or five years."

Kelly Holcomb

Current age: 42 Years as Browns QB: 2001-2004 Record as a starter: 4-8


Holcomb has been a color commentator for his alma mater, Middle Tennessee State, since 2008. In recent years, though, he's stepped away from the game altogether to spend more time with his family.

Jeff Garcia

Current age: 45 Years as Browns QB: 2004 Record as a starter: 3-7

Another dude who won more off the field than on, Garcia married the 2004 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Carmella DeCesare. He's worked to develop the skills of several young quarterbacks since he stopped playing, but judging from the video above, he hasn't quite given up on his own NFL comeback.

Luke McCown

Current age: 34 Years as Browns QB: 2004 Record as a starter: 0-4

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You may be familiar with Luke McCown for the role he played in a recent string of Verizon commercials. Though he started this season as a backup to Drew Brees in New Orleans, he's now on Injured Reserve following lower-back surgery last month.

Trent Dilfer

Current age: 43 Years as Browns QB: 2005 Record as a starter: 4-7

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Since 2008, Trent Dilfer has been an NFL analyst for ESPN, predominantly on Sunday and Monday Night Football. When the NFL's not in season, Dilfer runs the ESPN Elite 11 Quarterback Camp for rising high school senior quarterbacks.

Charlie Frye

Current age: 34 Years as Browns QB: 2005-2006 Record as a starter: 6-12

Charlie Frye is currently a physical education teacher and assistant football coach at Wekiva High School in Florida.

Derek Anderson

Current age: 32 Years as Browns QB: 2006-2009 Record as a starter: 16-18

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Derek Anderson is now serving as Cam Newton's backup with the Carolina Panthers. Lest you think he could play any Sunday now, Newton hasn't missed a start since 2011, and the Panthers are the only remaining unbeaten team in the league.

Brady Quinn

Current age: 31 Years as Browns QB: 2007-2009 Record as a starter: 3-9

Despite his young age, Quinn is working as a college football and NFL game analyst for Fox Sports. He started the "3rd and Goal Foundation" in 2011 to assist veterans who are handicapped or homeless.

Ken Dorsey

Current age: 34 Years as Browns QB: 2006-2008 Record as a starter: 0-3


Despite his failure as an NFL starting quarterback, Ken Dorsey is currently serving as quarterbacks coach of the Carolina Panthers.

Bruce Gradkowski

Current age: 32 Years as Browns QB: 2008 Record as a starter: 0-1

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At the moment, Gradkowski is employed as the backup to Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh.

Colt McCoy

Current age: 29 Years as Browns QB: 2010-2011 Record as a starter: 6-15

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McCoy is backing up Kirk Cousins as quarterback of the Washington Redskins this season.

Jake Delhomme

Current age: 40 Years as Browns QB: 2010 Record as a starter: 2-2

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Delhomme had his fair share of on-field success in the NFL, but perhaps he's most famous for starring in a series of Bojangles restaurant commercials, like this one. Dukes of Hazard, FTW!

Seneca Wallace

Current age: 35 Years as Browns QB: 2010-2011 Record as a starter: 1-6

The shortest of the Browns' 24 starting quarterbacks since 1999, Seneca Wallace will probably be remembered most for this ridiculous run he pulled off while at Indiana State.

He recently made amends with the former coach of Iowa who passed on offering him a scholarship back in the day.

Brandon Weeden

Current age: 32 Years as Browns QB: 2012-2013 Record as a starter: 5-15

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After being released by the Cowboys earlier this season, Weeden landed a spot with the Houston Texans serving as a backup quarterback for Brian Hoyer (See further down this list).

Thad Lewis

Current age: 28 Years as Browns QB: 2011-2012 Record as a starter: 0-1

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Lewis is now working as the third-string quarterback with Philadelphia Eagles, backing up Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez.

Jason Campbell

Current age: 33 Years as Browns QB: 2013 Record as a starter: 1-7

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Though he's still sought after as a backup quarterback in the NFL, Jason Campbell has no interest in playing football. He told the Indianapolis Colts last month, "I'm just kind of chilling right now."

Brian Hoyer

Current age: 30 Years as Browns QB: 2013-2014 Record as a starter: 10-6

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The only Browns starting quarterback since 1999 with a winning record, Hoyer is the starting signal caller for the Houston Texans this season. They may even make the playoffs.

Johnny Manziel

Current age: 23 Years as Browns QB: 2014-2015 Record as a starter: 1-4

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Though he's dealt with alcohol-related issues on multiple occasions in his short career and was recently demoted to the role of third-string quarterback, Johnny Manziel is once again set to start for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Connor Shaw

Current age: 24 Years as Browns QB: 2014 Record as a starter: 0-1

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Shaw is currently serving as one of Cleveland's backup quarterbacks.

Josh McCown

Current age: 36 Years as Browns QB: 2015 Record as a starter: 1-7

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Josh McCown was placed on Injured Reserve earlier this month after suffering a broken collarbone.

Austin Davis

Current age: 26 Years as Browns QB: 2015 Record as a starter: 0-1

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The most recent quarterback to start a game for the Cleveland Browns since 1999 is Austin Davis. He started last Sunday against the Bengals, a game the Browns lost 37-3.

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