Atlanta Braves Fan Is Caught Molesting His Girlfriend During A Live Broadcast (Video)

Baseball games can get quite boring; this much we know. But when fans are resorting to giving each other mammograms in the stands, you know the sport is royally screwed.

One young couple got it poppin' at a recent Atlanta Braves game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Coming back from a commercial break, broadcast cameras zoomed in on what is one of the more hilarious moments caught on camera at a pro sporting event: some guy squeezing the sh*t out of his girl's tits!

We are sincerely hoping that this was his girlfriend and not a sister or close relative. Sometimes things get freaky at MLB parks, and this was just one documented instance. What better way to celebrate a big win than by feeling up on some female parts? Even if they are the size of a 40-year-old man's!

Photo Credit: Instagram