This Is What Would Happen If American Pharoah Could Race Secretariat (Video)

This past Saturday, American Pharoah won the 147th Belmont Stakes and became the first horse to conquer the coveted Triple Crown in 37 years.

Pharoah, who led the race wire to wire, finished with the sixth-fastest time in Stakes history and is just the 12th horse to win the historic treble.

Immediately -- as is usually the case with champions of any sport -- Pharoah was compared to other Triple Crown winners.

How does he rank against names like Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Citation and Secretariat?

Thanks to the above video, we can see how Pharoah would've fared against the 1973 champion, Secretariat, who holds the record for fastest time in Belmont Stakes history.

Let's just say this isn't exactly a photo finish.

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