50 Cent Was Right, It Turns Out Floyd Mayweather Actually Can't Read (Video)

By Julian Sonny

Power 105.1's Charlamagne is officially on street watch after putting Floyd Mayweather on blast during "The Breakfast Club" this morning (start the video at 2:39).

After 50 Cent's disrespectful ALS challenge to his former friend and world boxing champion on Instagram, the controversial radio host decided to do some extra digging when he uncovered this clip of Mayweather reading a drop for their station.

50's offer to Floyd of $750,000 to any charity of his choice if he can read one full page of any "Harry Potter" book indicated that he would have some sort of trouble, and now it's clear what he was talking about.

Floyd did struggle during the brief reading, but putting it on air like that is on another level of f*ckery. Power 105 better hope that Mayweather doesn't take this personally and come to the studio looking for Charlamagne.

But considering he has $170 million in the account, he should just let it go.