Hoop Dreams Never Die: 28 Ways You Know Ball Really Is Life


They are two types of people in life: those who think basketball is a game, and those who know it's more than a game.

For the latter, there's only one rule to live by: Ball is life.

However, that has become a popular term these days and like all things popular, the phrase has been misused, misconstrued and trivialized.

Translation: There are people who say it, but they're really not about that life.

Any true baller can tell the difference, as there are things you just know are givens for anybody that hoops. It's really simple, too.

Here are 28 ways you know ball really is life:

You've panicked when you couldn't find your dress socks and wore these instead.

Decided to wear my Nike socks under my church shoes just in case pastor wanna get dunked on in the name of Jesus — FranKKPSIsenburg (@_RJAY91) June 22, 2014

You always have gear in your car, "just in case."

All i got in my trunk is sneakers, basketballs, shorts, socks and gatorade. — Dante (@_JRSpliff) March 21, 2014

And in high school, you just left 'em under your jeans because, again, "just in case."

So, naturally, life is like a movie on the court.

You show mercy to no one on the court.

Yeah, I pulled down 46 boards and put up 37 pts last night playing pickup ball with 6th graders #ballislife #noplaysoff — Zane Fletcher (@TheDangerZane) January 28, 2015

And I mean no one.

Your WCWs are all ball players.


You know what February 14 really is this year.

Valentines Day < All-Star Weekend — Lo (@LorenKaiser) January 28, 2015

If you could, you would...

You apply basketball language to everything, even other sports.

Bruh Australia is balling — Kene Eze (@Ru_Keze9) June 18, 2014

Even dating...

There's practically a whole dictionary of basketball terms that applies to dating.

Even dancing...

And even science...

the earth is a sphere so does that mean.... ball really is life — Nat Wood (@badwoodx) February 2, 2015

You know the best part of June approaching is summer league ball.

Your whole family knows ball is life.

What is the world coming to, even my grandma know ball is life — Mert (@Dmert25) February 5, 2015

And your church does, too.

And on the 7th Day, the Lord said “Ball Is Life” — Rock 'Em Apparel (@RockEmApparel) February 3, 2015

You have these in your closet.

And sometimes, you can't help but wear your balling gear with regular clothes.

“@AzlanTheGoat: WHEN YOU AT PROM BUT YOU GOT BASKETBALL PRACTICE AT 10:30” #ballislife — Jessica E. (@AmarisJessica) January 28, 2015

You slide up in your chair when a game of 2K gets serious.

You know every feature of the game like the back of your hand.

But, you can't stand playing with these types of people.

You always wanted to be part of a basketball power couple.

You tailor your workouts to which aspect of your game you're trying to improve.

You talk to the refs on TV like they can hear you.

Dunk Cam is your preferred April Fools' Day joke of choice.

You don't let sickness stop you from balling.

If Michael Jordan can win a game with the flu, so can I. #ballislife #intramurals — Halee Sharp (@HaleeSharp13) January 28, 2015

Or your parents' wishes...

When your parents want you to be a doctor but in your heart you know ball is life — WorldStarDaily (@WorldStarDaily) February 1, 2015

Because you and your squad know ball really is life.