These 25 Male Athletes Have The Most Irresistible Abs You'll Ever See

I love sports just as much as the average guy, but you'll find me in the bleachers for a reason other than the game itself.

I'm there to get a front row seat to the eye-candy show, of course.

Between the talent, the fame and the muscles, it's not hard to see athletes have a lot going for them.

Plus, the fact that these guys just happen to be some of the hottest men alive doesn't hurt either.

Playing professional sports isn't easy, so these guys train incredibly hard to keep themselves in tip-top physical condition and trust me, it shows.

Like most ladies, I have a serious weakness for shredded dudes with rock-solid stomachs.

From gorgeous rugby guys and soccer players to NBA All-Stars and world class Olympians, there are plenty of shirtless studs who make the locker room extra steamy with their sizzling six packs.

So, we set out to find a bunch of ridiculously good-looking athletes who aren't afraid to show their fans a little skin and flex some irresistibly sexy abs both on and off the field.

Take a look at the pictures below to see 25 athletes with seriously impressive abs.

Colin Kaepernick

Cristiano Ronaldo

Victor Cruz

Tyler Seguin

Thom Evans

Serge Ibaka

Kayne Lawton

Bryce Harper

Dwyane Wade and Norris Cole

James Haskell

Jake Dalton

Stuart Reardon

Will Grant

Luca Dotto

Alex Naddour

Eric Decker

Laron Landry

Jack Freestone

Tim Howard

Brandon Wynn

Thomas Jones

Carlos Bocanegra

Sunday fun day game of torro. — Carlos Bocanegra (@BocaBoca3) April 14, 2013

Odell Beckham, Jr.

David Beckham