24 Movie Characters Who Would Actually Kill It In Your Fantasy Football League

by Julian Sonny

The NFL season hasn't even started yet, but if you're up to it, you can definitely draft your fantasy team right now. That's fine by me!

Surely, most of us already know who we'd take first in our drafts, but there's still something missing with this year's crop.

Forget the NFL, what if you could draft any player from any film and create a team that rivals anything in the league?

Better yet, what if your favorite fictional characters were real players and you could add them to your fantasy roster?

It might never happen, but we can still think about it and use our damn imaginations.

We've added offensive lineman defensive players just for the hell of it. Let's take a closer look into this awesome alternate universe below.

Quarterback: Willie Beamen - "Any Given Sunday"

Played By: Jamie Foxx

Pro Comparison: Robert Griffin III

If Steamin' Willie Beamen isn't the greatest fictional quarterback of all time, then he's definitely the flashiest.

In today's game, you're going to need a quarterback that can make plays outside of the pocket and Willie helped revolutionize the position.

He puts up video game like numbers, and remember: Before there was a Vick, there was a Beamen!

Running Back #1: Julian Washington - "Any Given Sunday"

Played By: LL Cool J

Pro Comparison: Terrell Davis

Picking two guys who share a backfield for your fantasy team might be taboo, but when Julian Washington gets the ball, you can only expect big things.

The big bruiser has tremendous power, but can make the cutbacks and is a solid receiving option.

He's going to be a go-to in all goal line situations and has no problem breaking open the game with a 30-yard plus run.

Running Back #2: Megget - "The Longest Yard"

Played By: Nelly

Pro Comparison: Darren Sproles

Speed kills, and Megget is one of the fastest in the game. He's a chippy player, too, who plays with a lot of tenacity and is willing to fight for those extra yards despite being undersized.

Considering that he was once a convict, he could have some bad off-the-field influences in his life and he could find himself in some trouble and out of the lineup.

However he's just too great of a talent not to pick up.

Wide Receiver #1:  Deacon Moss - "The Longest Yard"

Played By: Michael Irvin

Pro Comparison: Josh Gordon

While he might have one of the most unpredictable egos in the game, Deacon Moss has proved that he's a game changer.

The physicality, the roughness and the leadership are what make him such an asset and he always plays big in the clutch moments.

Wide Receiver #2: Rod Tidwell - "Jerry Maguire"

Played By: Cuba Gooding Jr.

Pro Comparison: Chad Johnson

He's a good guy just getting caught up in the life. Playing in the league comes with its distractions and Rod Tidwell has a hard time not paying attention to them.

He's a solid option, however, and although he's a possession receiver, he's not afraid to go down the middle and catch the deep bomb.

WR/RB Flex Position: Charlie Tweeder - "Varsity Blues"

Played By: Scott Caan

Pro Comparison: Danny Woodhead

What happens when a frat bro makes it to the NFL? You get Charlie Tweeder from "Varsity Blues." He's a work hard, play hard type of guy who will give you 110 percent on the field.

It's just what he's up to off the field that might get some fantasy owners worried. Tweeder is notorious for partying the night before game day and getting caught up in the life.

Offensive Tackle #1: Bud-Lite Kaminski - "The Program"

Played By: Abraham Benrubi

Pro Comparison: Jake Long

When it comes to picking a franchise tackle, it doesn't get much better than Bud-Lite Kaminski.

Sure, he's another hot head, but his domination in the trenches not only protects his quarterback, but opens solid running lanes for his backs.

He's a wild card, but he's also never missed a game and will go out there like a warrior.

Offensive Tackle #2: Louie Lastik - "Remember the Titans"

Played By: Ethan Suplee

Pro Comparison: Sebastian Vollmer

Ever tried to get past a brick wall? Louie Lastik is just that. While he might have some endurance issues, he's an immovable object at the right tackle position and knows how to stop the pass rush.

Offensive Guard #1: Bill Bob - "Varsity Blues"

Played By: Ron Lester

Pro Comparison: Richie Incognito

Sure, he was the one responsible for the end of his quarterback's career, but Bill Bob is a good locker room guy whom everyone respects.

He might not be the most popular to the fans and media, but when you're talking about team chemistry and being one of the "boys," Bob fits the bill.

Offensive Guard #2: Rudy Zolteck - "Little Giants"

Played By: Michael Zwiener

Pro Comparison: Jonathan Martin

Sure, he's a tub of lard, but you've just got to love him. He's solid enough to start in this league, but don't go too far and start getting him emotional. You don't want to see that.

Center: Manumana - "Necessary Roughness"

Played By: Peter Navy Tuiasosopo

Pro Comparison: Kevin Mawae

You need a massive Samoan to front your line and Manumana is more than just that. He's the leader of the O-line and makes the proper calls before the snap. He can pick up the blitz, hold back the bull rush and never botch a snap.

Defensive End #1: Steve Lattimer - "The Program"

Played By: Andrew Bryniarski

Pro Comparison: Howie Long

What happens when you mix raw talent with tons of steroids? You get defensive end Steve Lattimer from "The Program."

He's another high-intensity guy who will give you everything he's got on every down, but it's only a matter of time before he fails his next drug test.

Defensive End #2: Julius Campbell - "Remember the Titans"

Played By: Wood Harris

Pro Comparison: Greg Hardy

While he's incredibly raw, Julius Campbell already has Hall of Fame potential.

With a 6'3" frame which he's still growing into, he plays to his strengths by getting low on offensive tackles and sneaking his way into the backfield. Plus he plays with a ton of heart and you can't teach that.

Defensive Tackle: Charles Jefferson - "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"

Played By: Forest Whitaker

Pro Comparison: Sheldon Richardson

This guy is going to be a force in this league for the next decade. When you can win the war in the trenches, it opens up everything else on the defense.

But when you're in the backfield just as much as the quarterback, then you have something special. Don't piss off Charles either. He has a mean streak and he'll chew up your star player.

Inside Linebacker #1: Bobby Boucher - "The Waterboy"

Played By: Adam Sandler

Pro Comparison: Luke Keuchly

Two words: tackling machine. Bobby Boucher isn't only the lovable personality that we all want to root for, but he makes plays from sideline to sideline and brings the pain on every hit. Just don't talk about his mama. Ever.

Inside Linebacker #2: Luther "Shark" Lavay - "Any Given Sunday"

Played By: Lawrence Taylor

Pro Comparison: Ray Lewis

You need a leader on defense, and Shark Lavay is the most respected veteran in the league.

He may be past his prime, but can still make the plays you need from him and get his teammates into their spots. You can draft him in the late rounds as a steal.

Outside Linebacker #1 - Becky "Ice Box" O’Shea - "Little Giants"

Played By: Shawna Waldron

Pro Comparison: Clay Matthews

Becky the Ice Box is one of the most legendary fictional sports characters of all time and it was essential that she made this list.

Overcoming detractors and doubters, she proved that her play on the field speaks for itself.

Outside Linebacker #2: Gerry Bertier - "Remember The Titans"

Played By: Ryan Hurst

Pro Comparison: Connor Barwin

If it weren't for that tragic car crash, Gerry Bertier could have actually been an NFL legend.

His role from the outside linebacker position was dominant earning All-American honors and being one of the most revered players in the state. He was an effective pass rusher, but he really excelled at stopping the run.

Cornerback #1: Trumaine - "Wildcats"

Played By: Wesley Snipes

Pro Comparison: Aqib Talib

The ball-hawking corner can get the job done against the team's best receiver on every play.

We never quite learned Trumaine's last name, but when he's on the field, all you see is that no. 25 flash across and get the interception.

He's not a lockdown corner, but he's a superior athlete and can move around different spots in the secondary.

Cornerback #2: Stefen Djordjevic - "All The Right Moves"

Played By: Tom Cruise

Pro Comparison: Donny Lisowski

He might find a hard time keeping his starting spot, but if we see more of what we think he's capable of, he would be a solid option in the last couple of rounds.

Donny has fought his whole career to earn his keep and there's no reason we should doubt him now. Think of this as an investment pick.

Strong Safety: Spike - "Little Giants"

Played By: Sam Horrigan

Pro Comparison: Jim Leonhard

You need a fearless safety to patrol the top of the defense, and Spike was an assh*le.

He played with tenacity and anger; have you ever seen a more jacked 12-year-old in your life? He might play out of control at times, but he makes up for that with big plays.

Free Safety: Petey Jones - "Remember The Titans"

Played By: Donald Faison

Pro Comparison: Tyrann Mathieu

Don't let the smile fool you, Petey can play. While he started his career off at running back, he made the seamless transition to defense where he often covers the opponent's best player.

He's dynamic, can make the open field tackle, swat passes away and, of course, create takeaways. He can do it all!

Kick Returner: Forrest Gump - "Forrest Gump"

Played By: Tom Hanks

Pro Comparison: Trindon Holliday

While his time was short at Alabama, Forrest Gump will forever be a legend for the Crimson Tide.

His mindless run back ability is something that the NCAA has still not seen to this day, and his speed is something that defenders will never forget.

Head Coach: Herman Boone - "Remember The Titans"

Played By: Denzel Washington

Pro Comparison: Mike Tomlin

If there's one coach who can push his players, maximize their talent and get them to believe, it's Herman Boone.

Overcoming all types of social prejudices, he plays the game of football the way it's supposed to be played, with no egos -- and he gets everyone on the same page. He has the proven track record too and is a sure-fire Hall of Famer in this league.