20 Things You Need To Know About Mario Balotelli’s Fiancée, Fanny Neguesha

By now, you've seen, or at least heard of, Mario Balotelli's super-hot girlfriend, Fanny Neguesha.

She became a trending topic worldwide after simply showing up to Italy's opening game against England at the World Cup on Saturday.

But what a lot of newcomers don't know is that she's low-key been the baddest WAG in the European Soccer League for at least the past year now.

If you know anything about Super Mario, it's that he never gives a f*ck. So when he decided to settle down and cuff this young woman, we knew something was up!

But just how poppin' is she? Here are 20 things we learned about Fanny Neguesha that you should know. You're a lucky man, Mario!

1. She's a 23-year-old model from Belgium.

2. She's Italian, Congolese, Rwandan and Egyptian.

3. She just got engaged to Mario in Brazil.

4. But had this to say after... What do you mean by "first"?

Tonight, I said the most important yes of my Life. That was the best present for my birthday! I love you first and unique husband

5. She only flies private.

6. She attends her fiancé's games regularly.

Mario Balotelli's girlfriend: Fanny Neguesha.! #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/qv4p98ZqNi — Älee Niherd (@niherd09) June 15, 2014

7. She also sticks out like a sore thumb.

8. She appeared with Mario on the cover of Vanity Fair.

9. This is what it sounds like when she speaks:

10. And she can kind of sing.

11. She drives an Audi S5.

12. She looks great in a bikini...

13. And a jersey.

14. She doesn't mind when Mario hangs with the boys.

15. She has a tattoo dedicated to Balotelli that translates to "your love is what makes me love."

16. She likes to go fishing in her free time.

17. Seriously.

18. She's a lot of fun to drive around with.

19. She's truly in love with Mario.

20. That's why she's not allowed to talk to any other guys now.