20 Memes That Perfectly Describe The Donald Sterling Situation And The LA Clippers

by Julian Sonny

Donald Sterling's disgusting comments about African Americans is something that will haunt the Los Angeles Clippers well beyond this postseason.

Players on the team wasted no time voicing their distaste, after discovering that they play for a racist scumbag, as many others are looking for league officials to punish Sterling for his intolerant behavior.

It's an ugly situation that nobody wanted to deal with these playoffs, but now as the biggest headline in sports, it's something we can't even avoid.

As more information is released from both Donald and his ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano, we can continue to speculate and make our judgments or we can take a closer look into the damaged franchise known as the Los Angeles Clippers.

Nobody took the news harder than Blake Griffin.

But he's not scared to confront Donald either.

Anyone else notice something's different with Chris Paul?

Besides the fact that he hates playing for a racist owner.

Donald Sterling is straight up two-faced.

And there's no way he's actually thinking of these.

JJ Redick might be the only one who's safe.

Then again, not really.

Lots of Clippers fans are turning back into Lakers fans.

I don't think Donald thought about the repercussions!

But he might just be over it by now.

DeAndre Jordan still can't believe it.

Chris Paul is already reevaluating his future in LA.

And Blake Griffin is thinking about purple and gold.

We know at least one former player wants to come back.

Warriors fans aren't taking it easy on the Clippers at all.

And "Family Guy" was right all along.

Okay, this is just messed up.

But at the end of the day...

So what do they do next?