The 20 Biggest Differences Between NHL And NBA Players

There's no denying that the NBA has gotten soft, with guys doing more acting than playing these days, but it seems like anytime a player exhibits any type of toughness or heart, it's talked about on SportsCenter for a week straight. What about the hockey players who play like this every game?

This was all highlighted in a hilarious comparison between LeBron James and hockey stars like Rich Peverley, which made us realize how vast a difference there is between the two sports.

For people wondering why we'd compare two completely opposite games, they have a lot more in common than you'd think. Both leagues are played in the US and Canada, both have the same playoff format, and the seasons do coincide. The only glaring difference is how much attention the players of each sport get on ESPN.

The debate has been raging on all week, and while many basketball fans say it's unfair, the evidence is most definitely there. Let's take a closer look into the culture of two very different games.

NHL players like to hit.

NBA players like to flop.

NHL players are selfless.


NBA players are selfish.

Funny Or Die

NHL players fight to resolve their problems.

NBA players back down.

Daniel Alfredsson picks his teeth up off the ice and keeps playing.

Dwyane Wade refuses to play when he doesn't get the call.

Hockey players make their fans' dreams come true.

LeBron James is a straight-up assh*le.

NBA players punch fire extinguishers when they're angry.

NHL players... yeah.

NBA players are too self-conscious.


NHL players don't give a damn.


That whole LeBron thing did get kind of blown out of proportion.


Then again, he was being a little oversensitive.


Yeah, this is unacceptable.


NHL fans > NBA fans.

Sports Memes

Of course one of the best NBA players plays hockey, too.

Hockey FTW!

Bonus: We love hockey!

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