The 15 Most Legendary Pro Wrestling Intros Of All Time

by Julian Sonny

Nothing electrifies a crowd like a good wrestling entrance. Finishing moves are cool, but most of them don't even hurt!

There's just something about stepping out to the ring with music bumping, pyros blasting and the arena going crazy that's just so awesome. But then of course the match starts and it's a complete snooze fest. The sport has really gone to sh*t.

Still, we can appreciate a good show and wrestling intros are everything. I mean, who hasn't played a theme song in their heads while they walk into any big ass room? Stop lying to yourself if you said you haven't.

But as amazing as it sounds in our heads, it probably just wouldn't look nearly as cool as what we see on TV.  Signature intros always tell you what we need to know about a wrestler before they even step into the ring and over the years, we've seen some classics.

From coming out to an entire production with explosions and half-naked women dancing all over the place, to just storming out with a tough song -- there are a few that could actually claim to be the best. These are the 15 most legendary pro wrestling intros of all time:

15. The New Age Outlaws

"Oh, you didn't know? Your ass better caaaaalllll somebody!" The most dynamic duo in wrestling always knew how to get the crowd going with an awesome entrance, but it was really the quick speech in the ring that we all remember.

The Road Dog Jesse James and the Badass Billy Gun got themselves started every match by announcing themselves with one of the most memorable intro dialogues that many of us still know by heart. There wasn't a better tag team duo at the time, and if you disagree then we got two words for you: "SUCK IT!"

14. Triple H

Hunter Hearst Helmsley has been a staple in the wrestling scene since most of can remember. And besides his killer finishing move, the Pedigree, fans most remember him for his epic intro in which he spits his water bottle out all over the people sitting in the first row.

Other than that, he doesn't need much coming to the ring. His presence and show of green lights is good enough.

13. The Brood

Before there was "Twilight" or any of these dumbass vampire shows on TV, there was The Brood. The trio of  Gangrel, Christian and Edge had a demonic approach to entering the ring as their intro starts off with them rising from the ground into a circle of fire. I always wondered how they did that!

Then of course, Gangrel goes into the ring and spews red "blood" all over the front row to close it. Sitting front row at a wrestling match doesn't sound like a good idea.

12. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is notoriously a sneaky, little bastard. You never know when he's going to pop up, but once he does, the minuscule Mexican emerges from under and hops up like a little chupacabra.

His Wrestlemania XXII entrance was one of the best as he showed up with his own band singing a classic tune dedicated to his 619 San Diego area code. Rey Mysterio is a veteran and his entrance is still one of the best in the game.

11. Kane

No wrestler can intimidate like Kane. Not only did we have no idea what his face looked like for over a decade, but he always came out disheveled and looking like he was just finishing some terrible, cannibalistic act.

Today, he enters with about half a dozen officers who uncuff him when he gets to the ring. Then as his signature, he does his four-turnbuckle pyro throwdown that lets you know exactly what time it is. Kane has some of the most mesmerizing pyros in the game!

10. Rick Flair

There was only one word to describe Ric Flair in 1989: PIMP. Before there were all of these wannabe hard asses roided out of their assh*les, it was the Nature Boy who was taking names and winning titles.

If being escorted to the ring by four beautiful women through a waterfall sequence of sparks weren't baller enough, then surely the sequenced robe puts it over the top.

9. The Undertaker

Just like his brother Kane, The Undertaker took a depressing approach to his intro. You know, just to let his opponents know that he wasn't messing around. But underneath all of that, we know he's a good guy!

Coming out of a huge cloud of smoke, he walks like an angry ass old man ready to knock some punk ass skateboarder off his deck, and with the all-white contacts and black eyeliner, he's looking a lot likeAdam Lambert's dad -- which is scary as f*ck.

8. Goldberg

Who could hate Goldberg? Sure, he looks like the ultimate meathead, but whenever he comes walking down the hallway with the police escort, there's just something so heroic and American that we just can't deny.

Literally standing inside all of the flying sparks and smoke, once Goldberg lets out that monster yell, you know it's game time.

7. Eddie Guerrero

First of all, RIP. Eddie Guerrero was a true warrior and fan favorite, especially with such a classic ass intro. Coming down with the straight cholo music bumping in his lowrider with the fuzzy dice and hydraulics, Eddie was one of the greatest entertainers of his time.

Not to mention, he was also one of the greatest champions in WWE history. His spirit lives on!

6. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is just a sexy boy... at least according to his theme song. Coming out like a true ladies' man (even though it's mostly all dudes in the crowd), he has a certain swag that's in a class of its own.

In this particular entrance in England back in 1997, he opted for the white tiger stripe leather suit that looks too crispy with his perm. He, of course, finds the closest group of females, hooks up with them, then does his thing in the ring. This man is the quintessential showman.

5. Sandman

What's more badass than showing up to every match completely wasted, then proceeding to smash beer cans all over your forehead and getting everybody soaked in the process? Oh yeah, all of that plus having "Sandman" by Metallica playing in the back. Legendary.

4. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler is one of the most stunning women ever to grace the ring, which makes sense considering that she was able to go beyond her career and become a model and an actress. But it was her signature entrance that did a lot for her career, as most people noticed her because of it.

I mean, how could you miss a 6-foot blonde chick bending over to get into the ring? She really went places because of it!

3. The Rock

The Rock is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. But it's not just his theme song or routine that make him special, as he just has one of the craziest auras in the world.

No one does it like him. Who's trying to compete with that, John Cena? Once you hear, "IF YOU SMELLLL," you know exactly what time it is.

2. Stone Cold

The Texas "Rattle Snake" doesn't f*ck around. Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably the baddest son of a bitch ever to step into the ring and his entrance embodied that.

Who else could completely bitch out Michael Cole in the tunnel, pour water all over themselves and storm into the ring all while making it look cool?

1. Degeneration X

DX has the best entrance of all time. Straight up. Starting off with the infamous "Are you ready?" line, you already know what time it is once the lights turn green.

With Triple H and Shawne Michaels already making the list, you'd be sure that once they come together, it'd be a classic. In 2009, they took their production to the next level by adding soldiers and even their own army tank to get to the ring.

With the pyros shooting from everywhere, no moment is more electrifying than when they do the "Suck It" fire off in the middle of the ring. Not to mention they probably have the best theme song, which may or may not be Rage Against the Machine.

Bonus: NWO (Featuring Dennis Rodman)

Even more proof that Dennis Rodman's always been crazy. I wonder if he knows wrestling is fake and that Kim Jong-un isn't really his friend.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr