10 Things You Need To Know About Donald Sterling's Mistress, V. Stiviano

by Julian Sonny

In the middle of all of the madness surrounding Donald Sterling and the entire Los Angeles Clippers organization lies one women who started it all.

By now you know of Sterling's mistress, V. Stiviano, who exposed him as a bigot through explosive phone recordings that he had no idea were being documented.

Up to now, she's been completely mum and there isn't much we know about her, besides what we see on her Instagram account.

But besides looking like your typical gold digger preying on billionaire men, there's much more to the woman who Donald Trump is calling "the girlfriend from hell."

Did she really bait Donald Sterling? Or is she just showing him for what he really is? Let's take a closer look into the mysterious Ms. Stiviano.

1. She's 31 years old and goes by many names.

According to her Instagram, Stiviano is an "artist, lover, writer, chef, poet, stylist and philanthropist." Donald Sterling, on the other hand, has publicly described her as a "gold digger." We also know that she's 31 years old and has gone by many names. It's been reported that she was born Maria Vanessa Perez, but legally changed her name in 2010 and has also gone by Monica Gallegos, Maria Valdez and Vivian.

2. Despite Sterling's racist views, she's half black and half Mexican.

In the controversial voice recordings, we can hear Stiviano repeatedly mentioning that she's mixed with "black and Mexican."

Sterling continued to bash African Americans and dug himself into a hole, despite being in a relationship with a minority. V. was born and raised in Los Angeles.

3. She attends literally every Clippers game.

Stiviano is a regular fixture courtside at Clippers game, usually sitting with Donald, or distinct guests like Magic Johnson.

She regularly posts Instagram pictures of her arriving at games and appears to have been a fan even before knowing Donald.

4. She wore this crazy 'Star Wars' mask to avoid reporters the other day.

Stiviano hasn't said much to the media so far, besides statements that she's released. She was even spotted wearing a Darth Vader-type of mask to shield her identity as reporters arrived to her home to ask questions. Paparazzi were unable to get anything out of her.

5. These are the pictures that pissed off Donald Sterling.

In the recordings, Donald Sterling repeatedly asked Stiviano to keep her relationship with other African Americans private, and to not post it to her Instagram.

The two photos that struck a nerve were those with Lakers legend Magic Johnson and Dodgers star Matt Kemp. He was probably just scared they were going to steal his chick.

6. She claims she wasn't the one who leaked the tape.

Stiviano's lawyer, Mac E. Nehoray, released this statement defending her involvement with the leak:

"This office understands that the currently released audio tape of approximately 15 minutes is a portion of approximately one (1) hour of overall audio recording of Mr. Donald T. Sterling and Ms. Stiviano, and is in fact legitimate," Nehoray said in a news release. "Ms. Stiviano did not release the tape(s) to any news media."

7. Donald Sterling's wife filed a lawsuit against her before.

Donald's estranged wife, Shelley Sterling, already has her beef with Stiviano, after she filed a lawsuit against the 31-year-old for breaking apart their marriage last month.

She complained V. spent the couple's money on different luxury items, including homes and cars.

8. Shelley Sterling also claims Stiviano targets wealthy older men.

In true gold-digger fashion, this isn't the only wealthy gentleman that she's allegedly preyed on.

Shelley claims that she goes out of her way to and is often spotted with older guys trying to work her magic. Maybe Magic Johnson was next on that list?

9. She's definitely expensive as hell.

According to Shelley Sterling, Stiviano received gifts like a $1.8 million duplex in Los Angeles and four cars, including a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover, valued above $500,000.

Donald also reportedly gave her up to $240,000 for "living expenses."

10. She's definitely bad as hell.

Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter