20 Incredible Quotes From The Captain, Derek Jeter, That Will Inspire You Every Day


New Yorkers said goodbye to their beloved captain of 20 years last night.

While it was an emotional evening, you couldn't have scripted a better finale for Derek Jeter's farewell game at Yankee Stadium.

His final moment was a fitting one, ending his career with celebration and bringing the city together the way only Jeter can.

He leaves behind an untouchable legacy, one noted not only for his insane work ethic, which brought New York five World Series titles since his debut in 1995, but also because of the way he carried himself all the way through. He showed us how the game is supposed to be played.

Two things separate Jeter from any other franchise icon: a) He did it in the best city in the world, and b) He never ever slipped up.

For that, and for many more reasons, there won't be another one of his kind for a very long time.

Considering all of the distractions that come with playing in New York, Jeter consistently rose above it all. He played the game with a level of class you can't just fake, and like many other great men before him, he always preached one thing: hard work.

Here are 20 quotes that embody his work ethic.

On why you should never follow the grain:

On why it's never too late to learn something new:

On focusing on the bigger picture:

On why he's the most competitive person ever:

On why you can't judge a book by its cover:

On why you should work out every morning:

On hard work trumping everything else:

On listening before you speak:

On being around likeminded individuals:

On dealing with all of the skeptics and haters:

On why losing should never be an option:

On being yourself no matter what:

On why being a positive influence is what's most important:

On what it takes to be focused:

On being careful about people's intentions:

On why it's important to ask questions and learn:

On doing everything with all of your heart:

On why he is the man he has become today:

On why we shouldn't judge women and their spending habits:

On what playing for the Yankees meant to him:

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