Ignorant YouTuber Snapchats BFF's Arrest Like It's A Joke: 'It's Street Cred'


In case you've been living under a rock for the past few months, let me remind you that it's NOT OK to joke about an arrest.

In fact, it's shameful and immature. And it's definitely not funny.

Why? Because we've witnessed countless occasions where human lives have been at stake due to interrogations. This has often led to death amongst people in the black community.

Yet, while we were mourning the slaughter of Terence Crutcher and watching the terrifying Charlotte riots from afar, YouTuber Jack Johnson – under the name Jack & Jack – decided it would be OK to make fun of his friend's arrest on Snapchat.

The 19-year-old man – or should I say "child?" – recorded his music partner, Jack Gilinsky, being arrested at an airport after he allegedly stole a sweatshirt from a store.

Jack G told the store manager that it was an accident. But the store manager didn't believe his sob story.

Instead, he called the police to have the musical sensation taken away.

Jack J, his partner in crime, recorded the entire thing. He then posted the Snapchat videos to their Twitter account.

The videos definitely showcased his white privilege. They're really pissing a lot of people off.

"Gilinsky stole a sweatshirt or somethin' idk."

The cop standing in front of Jack G isn't fazing him one bit.

Why should he, though? Jack G is certain nothing's going to happen to him.

"You're gonna cop a charge, bro. We ain't leaving this airport."

Still no fear.

Instead, the boys are laughing at the police officers' discussion about "deciding Gilinsky's fate."

"Alright, see ya Jack."

As Jack G nonchalantly walks away with the officer who decided to arrest him, Jack J waves goodbye. He clearly didn't sense that there was a threat.

But it doesn't stop there.

Jack J posted a picture of himself giving the peace sign with his friend... who is handcuffed next to him.

This is disgraceful.

Why is he giving us the peace sign? Someone please enlighten me. And no, I don't want to hear that he was "just joking."

After his friend got taken away, the reality of what happened finally hit Jack J. But he's STILL taking things too lightly for comfort.

"Yo, so I did not expect these guys to actually take Gilinsky to jail."

Of course you didn't. Why would you?

He continues to try to defend Jack G by saying the "manager bitch" is petty for calling the cops on them.


I highly doubt the cops were laughing at the situation, Jack. Because – again – ARREST IS NOT A JOKE.

His story only gets more embarrassing and disappointing as he continues to go pick up Jack G from jail. He says he decided to wear his wife-beater because he needs to be "pretty hard right now."

"Gotta be on my gangster shit, ya know?"


This is taking discrimination to a whole new level. And he doesn't stop there.

He then mimicked a "protest" toward the police station, angry because the cops were holding his buddy captive.

It's offensive.

Then, while he was sitting inside the station, he continued to try to "intimidate the cops" with his fake cigarette and sweatpants. Again, he admitted that he was trying to gain some "street cred."

I have news for you, Jack J: You're not getting any "street cred" for this stunt.

Eventually, Jack & Jack were connected via phone, and Jack J sarcastically admitted that he hoped his friend was feeling OK.

"Let's hope nothing too scarring is going on in there."

There you have it, folks: a very privileged white male mocking an arrest. Let's not forget that this is happening while there are numerous black victims being charged for crimes they didn't commit.

Unsurprisingly, fans of Jack & Jack didn't realize anything wrong with the musician's posting. In fact, they actually feel sorry for the duo.

"Poor baby," my ass.


But the people who ACTUALLY watch the news and are hurt by these recent tragic events are sure to be enraged by these videos.

As decent human beings with knowledge and compassion, we shouldn't stoop to Jack & Jack's level. And we won't.