Women Of All Ages Reveal The Sexist Comments People Never Say To Men (Video)

Trying to have it all -- a stimulating job, a beautiful family, a dream home, kickass friends, fulfilling hobbies, an HBO GO account, one of these things, none of those things, a combination of some of these things -- is the American Dream, but women who strive to achieve that dream often have to listen to many opinions from others regarding their decisions.

A new video from Huffington Post reminds women of all ages our goals and choices aren't the only things being challenged, but our sex lives, looks, reproductive systems and general, benign interests are, too.

While no one in his or her right mind ever considered it novel for a man to like video games, whiskey or football, women who enjoy these things are considered either posers or rare gems in a dusty mine of more basic gems who give a sh*t about figure skating.

Maybe women need football to distract themselves from the head-spinning quandary of how to walk the fine line between virgins and sex experts.

Maybe women need whiskey to steel themselves before walking into Planned Parenthoods for affordable pap tests at the risk of being shot or smoke bombed.

Maybe women need video games because they are fun and entertaining, and men don't own the pastime.

These, of course, are just suppositions. Maybe what all women actually need are respect and equality.

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