This Is The Ideal Body Type For A Man, According To Women (Video)

Guess what, straight dudes? It turns out straight women are attracted to the type of body society bred us all to see as attractive.

Today, GQ surveyed some ladies about what they like to see physically in dudes, and the results are men who are tall, athletic (but not TOO athletic) and have nice butts. Here's a breakdown:

  • 73 percent prefer a guy taller than 5'9"
  • 43 percent say they would date someone shorter
  • 50 percent prefer "athletic bods"
  • 51 percent are attracted to "a little pudginess"
  • 62 percent think a nice butt is important

For the most part, pretty predictable. The bit I find interesting is GQ's nod to a body-image issue plaguing people of all genders: weight.

Maybe diplomatically using the term "pudginess" is a step in the right direction toward fat acceptance.

In the meantime, men, don't sweat. Usually, being respectful, charming and interesting goes a long way.